What is the BE RACEDOG Gift Card?
A non-cash payment instrument that its user can use during the validity period of the gift card when paying for goods and services in the online store "BE RACEDOG".

What is the value of a BE RACEDOG gift card?
Gift Card Values:
5 EUR; 7 EUR; 10 EUR; 20 EUR, 50 EUR.
The gift card can be used with other payment instruments.

Can the BE RACEDOG gift card be used in multiple purchases?
BE RACEDOG gift card must be used in one purchase. If the value of the item you choose is less than the value of the gift card, the value difference is not refunded.

Are the BE RACEDOG Gift Cards Delivered to the Buyer?
By ordering BE RACEDOG in the online store, the customer can choose the type of delivery and specify the address in which to place the order.

What is the validity of the BE RACEDOG Gift Card?
The gift card is valid for six months from the date of purchase of the card. The gift card is valid on the BE RACEDOG Gift Card and it is the last day the Gift Card can be used for purchases.

Is it possible to combine several BE RACEDOG Gift Cards in one purchase?
BE RACEDOG Gift cards can not be combined in one purchase.

What happens if a BE RACEDOG gift card is lost?
In case of loss of gift card BE RACEDOG The gift card is not renewed and its balance is not repaid.