Each and every www.racedog.lv/shop product has manufacturer's warranty.

Manufacturer's due date of every product is different. To get information about a specific product you can contact BE RACEDOG's customer adviser. 

You're allowed to submit a complaint about a product only if it was used in conditions it's been made for.

Manufacturer's warranty is valid only if customer can show:

1) receipt of a purchase
2) manufacturer's document of warranty

Manufacturer's warranty is NOT valid if the damage to a product has been done by a customer or their misusage, like:

1) product has serial number damage
2) product hasn't been used following the instructions
3) product has been broken, crashed, dropped, in contact with water etc.
4) product has been exposed to radical change in temperature
5) product showing low quality repair history
6) breaking the product by using the wrong choice of transportation

If purchased product has been damaged, contact us through 25664539 or e-mail: veikals@nomanis.lv, and let our customer adviser help you find the appropriate solution for the problem.