Organizers of competitions
Are you organizing a competition and you need a support? We like to support competitions in all branch of dog sports such as mushing, agility, flyball, bull sports or coursing... Perhaps, we could start our cooperation with discount coupons for each participant of yours. You can put the coupons online on your website or print and give them away to all participants. If you want to email the coupons to everybody, we can do it for you. There is also possibility to add a discount code to your promotional materials.

Furthermore, we offer placing your articles about an event you are currently organizing. We can publish an invitation, running results or final summary.

Sport clubs or indivual sportists
If you have no experience with our products or you have been using our products for a long time we would like to support you a bit. We would like to offer you a small discount for your first order or a larger discount for regular orders.

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