Loyalty program for BEracedog.lv customers

Our loyalty program for BEracedog.lv customers offers interesting discounts and benefits for frequent shoppers.
Depending on the total amount of the previous year orders, our customers are automatically included in one of the loyalty groups.
If higher-level limit is reached during the current year, customers will automatically receive discounts and benefits for this correct group.

Purchase amount last year:

 Loyalty group 
 Your purchases per calendar year excl. VAT
Your Benefits
1200 EUR till 2500 EUR
- special offers
2500 EUR till 5000 EUR 
- special offers

- discount 

5000 EUR till 12000 EUR
- special offers

- discount
- free shipping in Latvia territory

 from 12000 EUR
 -special offers

- discount
- free shipping in all Baltic countries
- priority in order departure

BEracedog.lv reserves the right to make changes in the limits and benefits without warning any time.